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Elopement at City Hall in Chicago – Chicago Elopement Photographer

Elopement at City Hall in Chicago – Chicago Elopement Photographer. met up with Nancy & Jesus after their ceremony. They wanted to be able to have their family during their elopement photos since during the pandemic there was a two person limit in the court rooms. I met them outside city hall in Downtown Chicago along with their family.

Chicago City Hall Elopement

We jumped into a private car and drove around the city taking their wedding portraits at several different locations. One of the best things about elopements, other than the ceremony, is that you have so much time. You have so much freedom and are really able to do whatever you want. In Nancy & Jesus’ case, that’s exactly what we did! The private car ride was so cute, I was so obsessed. The driver had put on their favorite music as Jesus & Nancy sang to each other while kissing each other’s hands.

There are so many different places that we could have taken their elopement pictures, but we narrowed it down to just a few. We first went over to the Lasalle Bridge and then made our way over to the Wrigley Building. After, we headed over to the middle of Michigan Ave and even down by the Riverwalk.

Museum Campus

After traveling all throughout Chicago, we hopped back into the car to head to Museum Campus. The weather was treating us well too, so we got just the most beautiful photos at Museum Campus. We got some epic shots of them with the Chicago city skyline and it was just so magical.

As much as I love a good scenic elopement, there is something about City Hall elopements that I love. You get to take all the time in the world to get amazing photos, since there really is no rush. We had all day to be able to go to all of these scenic Chicago locations and just enjoy every second of their special day. Pro tip if you’re wanting to get married at Chicago City Hall: to get married, you do need to book 2 months in advance/60 days. If you’re looking to get married at City Hall and you’re wanting to book with me just keep that in mind! There are other options as well such as hiring an officiant to be on location for your special day.

Congratulations to Nancy & Jesus for allowing me to be apart of your special day. It truly was a blast and I had so much fun running about Chicago and creating these special & unforgettable moments.

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Elopement at City Hall in Chicago – Chicago Elopement Photographer

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