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Engagement Photos at Millenium Park

Engagement Photos at Millenium Park. After many postponements for their engagement session, Akash & Neha finally were able to get their engagement photos and I was SUPER excited! Both of them are in their residencies, so we made sure to be flexible around their schedule. With obstacles such as their work schedule, the pandemic and them planning to move to a completely different state (hello, Texas), it was a crazy time but we made it work.

Chicago Engagement Session

We took their engagement photos all throughout the city. Like I said, they were planning on moving to Texas so they wanted to make sure to take photos at some of their favorite Chicago spots. They wanted to be able to look back at these photos and create unforgettable memories. They so wanted to be able to along with admire the beautiful Chicago scenery.

Lasalle Bridge & Riverwalk

First we started at Lasalle Bridge, and of course I HAD to put them in the middle of the street. I love getting those middle of the street shots since you can see the Board of Trade building in the back and is seriously and incredibly EPIC location. Next it was time for the Riverwalk where we took some more amazing engagement photos. The weather was absolutely amazing and sunny that day, you literally wouldn’t have known it was 50 degrees outside!

Engagement Photos at Millenium Park

After that, we headed over to the rose garden at Millenium Park. The roses actually hadn’t bloomed yet, but the scenery of the park is still to die for. I still can’t believe how beautiful, green and sunny it was and we were all freezing our butts off. Akash and Neha were seriously such troopers. We then walked around a little bit more & got to capture such amazing views at the bridges at Millenium Park. While on the bridges you could see the Chicago Skyline and it was just so breathtaking.

From there we quickly went to the train stop to take some more engagement photos there. They spent a lot of time using that train stop, so it definitely was a must have location for us to hit. Technically we weren’t allowed to take photos there, so we did eventually get kicked out. Regardless of the short time we spent there, we still were able to get some amazing shots. Words to the wise: always have a backup plan! If you’re planning on taking photos near the train stop, be prepared because technically we’re not allowed to do that in Chicago!

North Ave Beach

Lastly, we ended their engagement session with the beautiful scenery of North Ave Beach. The water was so blue and with that beautiful sunset glow, everything looked so magical. Something that I realized about shooting at North Ave Beach, is that the best time to shoot their is before it hits the Summer time. Once summertime hits, volleyball season starts and it can get a bit crowded. If you’re wanting to shoot at North Ave Beach, aim to do it when it is less busy so you’re able to get those epic views & bright blue water.

Overall, Akash & Neha’s engagement session was a major success. I had such a blast being able to shoot for them and create these memories for them during their last moments in Chicago. Congratulations!

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Engagement Photos at Millenium Park

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